The Warriors brings more Rockstar violence to the PSP

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The Warriors brings more Rockstar violence to the PSP
We don't usually do press releases, but I'm such a Rockstar nut that anytime they grace our handheld, I get excited. This port of the popular game based on the classic 70s film is being developed by Rockstar Leeds, the programmers of the graphically intense Grand Theft Auto Stories series. It's unknown if the PSP version of the game will feature any new content, but considering its holiday release date, we'll guess no.

"We set out to create a highly sophisticated portable game that delivers a visceral experience previously unseen on the PSP system," stated Sam Houser, Founder and Executive Producer of Rockstar Games. "We are looking forward to setting the definitive bar for the brawler genre on the PSP system by delivering an extremely stylish and exceptionally deep experience."

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