Woz visits Microsoft, shares words of wisdom

David Chartier
D. Chartier|10.18.06

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Woz visits Microsoft, shares words of wisdom
Woz's appearances in the media have, of late, have revealed more of his prankster hobbies than the seasoned legend of the computer age we know him to be. Recently, the Woz visited none other than Microsoft to give his book tour's speech, and David Weiss of the MacBU blogged some interesting notes from the event. While I'm sure he had his trusty lasers and Segway in tow in one way or another, Weiss's notes refreshingly cover more of the meat from Woz's speech, including remarks on everything from chip design, Steve Jobs' programming abilities (which I'm glad to finally have confirmation on) and the more human side of technology. It's an intriguing post that's making me wish I could drop in on one of his talks.

[via MacUser]
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