Epigon thinks it can make a true WiFi media player

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|10.19.06

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Epigon thinks it can make a true WiFi media player
Epigon is putting together all the pieces for what it's calling the "Versus," a new WiFi streaming media player, according to the EE Times. Now of course, this is just a reference design at this point, which means it could turn into any of a reported six possible branded devices. From what we can tell, the Versus is aiming to be what the Zune isn't. That is to say, it'll have real WiFi, according to CTO Jayakumar Singaram, who told the EE Times: "We think the most important feature such a player needs is Wi-Fi connectivity, and so have an on-board Wi-Fi based on silicon from NXP [Semiconductors], so that users do not need to connect to a computer via Ethernet or a USB to download." Beyond WiFi, the Versus may even have an Ethernet jack as well, in addition to the traditional USB jack option. It'll be an interesting project to keep an eye on.
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