Guillermo Del Toro delving deep into game-making -- Hellboy, etc...

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|10.20.06

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Guillermo Del Toro delving deep into game-making -- Hellboy, etc...
The popular Dark Horse Comics demon hero, Hellboy, is receiving the royal video game treatment thanks to the same fellow who brought us the decent-to-great movie (debatable... never saw it, but got mixed reactions from friends), Guillermo Del Toro. What's Del Toro got in store for us? "[It has] several environments where, essentially, you are seeing the past and the present, and they are juxtaposed. You can go from one environment, like the Gobi desert, to a haunted town in medieval Japan. And then you can go and play in the ruins of a castle that is full of Nazi doomsday machines. And then you can go and wander through the empty streets of a haunted Eastern European village. And each of those levels has a common threat enemy, and a great vibe to the gameplay." And then, and then, and then... he definitely gets excited about what he does!

Apparently, much of the fighting in the game relies on finding pieces of the environment around you to use as a weapon. Say you break open a door. Why not pick up a large splintered piece of it and bash your opponents? Or crack a stone pillar then pick up some rocks to toss. It sounds like it has a bit of promise, so long as Hellboy himself isn't the only playable character. Come on, you can't possibly expect a game based on a comic book team (kinda sorta) to just use the main character. Otherwise, utilizing environments for weaponry is cool. Especially if it's as detailed as Del Toro excitedly claims.
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