MiniPC bumps the game to Core 2 Duo with LF870 and VT870

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Paul Miller
October 20th, 2006
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MiniPC bumps the game to Core 2 Duo with LF870 and VT870
While these MiniPC-brand miniPCs aren't exactly the smallest contenders on the block, they sure do look useful in their uber-simple black cladding, and now they're sporting Core 2 Duo processors, paving the way for all sorts of utilitarian good times. The LF870 keeps the same size of its predecessor, which at 4.5-inches tall is hardly "mini" by today's standards, but packs the full range of (Merom) Core 2 Duo processors, all the way up to the 2.33GHz T7600. There's also a minimum of 512MB of RAM, a 250GB SATA hard drive, DVD burner, PCI Express slot and even a WiFi option. The much smaller VT800 forgoes the disk drive to manage a 2.8-inch tall form factor, and the HDD is of the 2.5-inch variety, but the unit still manages the full range of Core 2 Duo action, along with a max 2GB of RAM and integrated Intel graphics. The new PCs, which should be shipping later this month in Japan, go for 130,000 yen ($1,095 US) and 122,000 yen ($1,028 US) respectively, while a third barebones option, the ET610E, goes for a mere 54,000 yen ($455 US).

[Via Akihabara]
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