RoverPC G5 GPS-equipped Pocket PC

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RoverPC G5 GPS-equipped Pocket PC
Russian manufacturer Rover Computers recently announced a new Windows Mobile 5.0-based phone to beef up its line up, looking remarkably similar to a certain other Pocket PC phone from another Russian company. Unlike that device, however, the RoverPC G5 appears to be only tri-band GSM (900 / 1800 / 1900MHz), though it adds a GPS receiver to compensate for that shortcoming (it's not clear if that's actually integrated or just an add-on). Apart from that, the G5's specs appear to be identical to its Pocket PC doppelganger, with a 2.7-inch screen, 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, IrDA, and WiFi, an FM tuner, 64MB RAM, 128MB ROM, and a microSD slot for additional storage. There doesn't appear to be any word on price or availability, although those more fluent in Russian than us may have better luck finding out than we did.

[Via Mobilewhack]
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