Ambient Clock combines Google Calendar and analog timekeeping

Yes, we've seen the projection clock, the pong clock and the venerable atomic clock, but leave it to our pals at Ambient Devices to come up with a way to combine a chronometer with a glanceable display, not unlike their previous orb and analog dial panel. Assuming that you keep your schedule in Google Calendar (and really, who doesn't these days?), you can link it up the Ambient Clock (via Ambient's "nationwide wireless network") to find out what your schedule is. Meaning, a quick glance will help determine when you have scheduled events (the block rectangles on the clock) and the clock itself will change color if you have an upcoming appointment. As of right now the Ambient Clock isn't actually in production, although there is an online beta so you can get a feel for the features and help the engineers decide certain aspects of the build. Still, we're not convinced that this will revolutionize time management, but if you have a penchant for post-modern analog clocks, then maybe you'll appreciate it.