MSN, Ingenio team up to launch pay-per-call advertising

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.23.06

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MSN, Ingenio team up to launch pay-per-call advertising
In the ever-expanding world of mobile searches, we knew it was simply a matter of time before revenue-hungry mega corporations dug in and gave the impulse caller in us all one more irresistible temptation. While Google's AdWords have already landed on mobile search screens, Ingenio has now inked a deal with Microsoft to enable location-based advertisements to appear atop MSN's "Windows Live searches" made via cellphones. Although Ingenio already has a similar agreement in place with AOL, this partnership will allow users who search for local "businesses, restaurants, and services" to see a single banner ad which will automatically ring up a nearby supplier with just a click. The oh-so-coveted ads are being "auctioned" to interested parties willing to shell out the most dollars to get their plugs listed first, fetching "$2 to $4 each" for typical entertainment clicks, while demanding "$20 or more for things like financial services and real estate."
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