LiteOn HD-A070GX HD PVR with HDD and DVD

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Paul Miller
October 26th, 2006
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LiteOn HD-A070GX HD PVR with HDD and DVD
It's all been done before, and we're sure it'll all be done again, but LiteOn's new HD-A970GX hybrid PVR boasts of HD resolutions, and works with a hard drive and DVD drive for storage and playback. The 320GB drive isn't the largest around, but it should do the trick, and the included HDMI cable is a nice touch. The A970GX records video to DivX so you can ship your recordings over to you PC or portable player without much hassle. The unit also does the 1080p upscale thing, which is still one of your best bets for getting passable "HD" content for your fancy HDTV. No word on price or availability.

[Via PVR Wire]
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