Beleaguered Sony looks toward "PSP business expansion"

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Beleaguered Sony looks toward "PSP business expansion"
The internet is filled with comments about how the PSP has yet to receive a real "killer app," a AAA title that causes the masses to go out and buy it. While the PSP has more high-rated games than the DS, it doesn't have a title like Mario Kart Nintendogs, or Brain Age that gets mass market attention. And Sony acknowledges that: "Clearly on the software side, any real killer will galvanize the sales. There have been a number of titles that have been terrific, but not the one title that defines the product," SCEA CFO Robert Wiesenthal told financial advisors on Thursday in a conference call. "We are preparing the wiser use of the PSP for the future... We are always looking at the PSP business expansion," Takao Yuhara, Sony's head of investor relations, said during the same conference call.

With sales for the PSP slowing down so early on in the system's life, it's becoming more evident that Sony will launch a redesigned PSP. "Of course there's going to be a re-design before next summer, more than likely before GDC (Game Developers Conference). I'd put money on it. Only no one, especially not people at Sony, are going to confirm this, because of the potential damage it could inflict on PSP sales in the run up to Christmas," an anonymous PSP publisher told SPOnG.

[Via ITworld]
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