Monster PS3 HDMI cable price: $100

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Monster PS3 HDMI cable price: $100
Sony's new PlayStation 3 begins the HD Era according to the company, but the box won't include any of the cables necessary to take you there. Sure the old component cables from the PS2 will still work, but with many gamers clamoring for 1080p and digital output to put that brand new HDMI 1.3 connector to use. Monster Cable has revealed its lineup for the Playstation 3 launch and the prices are awe-inspiring. For the low, low price of $99.95 gamers can have the privilege of owning a 2-meter GameLink HDMI cable with a DuraFlex jacket that "complements the look of your PS3", as well as other nice sounding features to make sure nothing interferes with your 1080p gaming. Also featured are similarly-priced fiber optic audio and component video cables that are certain to be prominently placed in the videogames section of your local electronics retailer. Unless you know where to find cables for less, avoiding the assault on your wallet this holiday season could be difficult.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]
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