Last Week in Warcraft: Oct 23rd - 29th

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|11.03.06

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Last Week in Warcraft: Oct 23rd - 29th

The Burning Crusade

The rumor mill reports: the Burning Crusade may be delayed until January 2007.
5-player instances with epic drops have been confirmed for the expansion.
Blood Elf models: now bulkier than ever!
The coming "UI lockdown."
Official: the Burning Crusade release is delayed to January 2007.
An inside look at the lore and construction of Silvermoon City.
Spell damage bonuses in the Burning Crusade.
Talent updates for paladins, mages, and warlocks.
Does the later release mean more chance to snag a beta invite?
Delay reaction roundup.
On the forums: the Netherwhelp pet, tier 4 loot, disenchanting level restrictions, and the all powerful turtle mount.
Talent updates for shamans.
Players: bring skinny Blood Elves back!
A little "love" for the shaman class.
Foxtrot on the Burning Crusade.
A great jewelcrafting preview.

Breakfast Topics & discussion
Are you a carebear or a ruthless ganker?
What do you think of the idea of PvE to PvP realm transfers?
The change of plans that comes with the later expansion release.
What are your top 5 instances?
Solo play in World of Warcraft.
What was your first class choice?

Cross-realm battlegroups: now, with names.
The crazy timesink that is ranking up in the current PvP system.


Level 10 WSG madness!
There's some debate as to authenticity, but do you think Scholomance is soloable?

Tips & tricks
AddOn Spotlight talks about TheoryCraft, for you number-crunchers in the audience.

Around Azeroth

These Furbolg seem to be playing follow the leader.
The Greymane Wall.
Dancing above Booty Bay.
The things you can find while swimming around...
I bet you get a great view off of this Blackrock balcony.
The ominous Altar of Storms.
300 HKs later...

Summer movie contest winners announced!

Guilds & raiding
Drama, drama: this week's GuildWatch.

Bugs & maintenance
With the forums offline for a whole 8 hours, how will we complain?

Blizzard news

They're asking you to update your contact info -- but why?

Odds & ends

In this Blog Roundup, Dave covers epic mounts, the hardest raid bosses, playing games besides WoW, Halloween costume ideas, and the Hellfire Ramparts.
Coming soon to a store near you: the WoW TCG.
Real ultimate power: the Official Shadow Priest Webpage.
So are you hunting for your own turtle mount?
The very first Forum Post of the Week.
Some Friday afternoon funnies.
This week's Phat Loot Phriday brings us Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler.
Are you a candy corn?
In this Blog Roundup, Dave covers similarity between MMOs, "LOOT THE DAMN HOUNDS!", the newly-released TCG, the Burning Crusade delay, and a manners lesson.

Last week's Last Week in Warcraft.
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