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Microsoft quits the MSN Music store

Microsoft quits the MSN Music store
Paul Miller
Paul Miller|@futurepaul|November 3, 2006 3:37 PM
In another strong example of Microsoft's continued "investment" in PlaysForSure, it's pulling out of MSN Music, the big M's very own store for selling the not-completely-dead-yet music format. Now, instead of offering up fairly generic tracks at fairly generic prices, the MSN Music store will offer prospective listeners the choice of hopping over to Microsoft's Zune store, or Real's Rhapsody. We've gotta give Microsoft props forwarding on to a competitor like that (or, at least props for following the terms of a 2005 legal settlement), and in its defense, the URGE store Microsoft started with MTV is still going strong, but with Real slowly moving over to their own DRM, FairUse4WM alive and kicking, and now the MSN Music shut-down, things aren't looking great for PlaysForSure. The changeover happens on November 14th, and Microsoft promises that purchased tracks will continue to work. MSN Music will live on as a music content site, with the "Buy" buttons forwarding users on to Zune or Rhapsody.
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