Rapper puts DS in his video and album cover

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David Hinkle
November 3rd, 2006
Rapper puts DS in his video and album cover

Lupe Fiasco, a man we are told is neck-deep in the rap game, released his debut album Food & Liquor (two things we often enjoy both separately and together) on September 19th of this year to much acclaim. With many a who's-who of rap featured on the album, it's no wonder it became such a hit.

Why does this matter to you? Well, the man's album cover (displayed above the post, natch) features a DS Phat, as well as his new video for the song I Gotcha, which features a black DS Lite. We've included the video, embedded into the post after the break, so that you may see the man's love of the handheld in all his rap-tastic glory.

[Thanks DkNy2kX!]

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