Revell, Innovation First partner for new Vex Robotics System

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|11.03.06

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Revell, Innovation First partner for new Vex Robotics System
Given that nations worldwide are arming themselves to the teeth with these silicon-based life forms, it only makes sense that the citizenry will need widespread and cheaper access to robot parts. Thankfully, we just found out that Revell, the big name behind a lot of R/C and other plastic model kits, is partnering with Innovation First to create the next Vex Robotics System. According to the press release, IF will retain technical design, engineering development and manufacturing, while Revell will bring its sales, marketing and distribution talents to the table -- their powers combined will surely create the Transformers of hobbyist companies. Maybe this deal means that the Engadget robot army will finally get built just a little bit faster.
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