GameDaily grades the consoles, PSP gets a B

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Andrew Yoon
November 5, 2006 4:00 PM
GameDaily grades the consoles, PSP gets a B
AOL-owned GameDaily recently gave grades to all of the consoles. They gave the PSP a very respectable "B." Here are some excerpts of their review:
Though overshadowed by the Nintendo DS, the PSP still holds its own with a more mature game lineup, plus music playback, Web browsing and media storage... The UMD movie market may be slowly dying, but the game supply is holding steady. Younger gamers will like Daxter and Loco Roco; the nostalgia gamers can relive the past with Ultimate Ghosts n' Goblins and Capcom Classics Collection; and mainstream players can pick up Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and Madden NFL '07."
The system is praised for its more mature game variety. They recommend that a price drop would do a lot to help the PSP, and it would make the system "an easy choice for those who aren't into Nintendo's style." Nintendo's style, of course, net the Nintendo DS an "A" because of its position as a "gotta-have gadget."

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