Want a Wii on launch day? Here's how.

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|11.06.06

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Want a Wii on launch day? Here's how.

Want to be able to stroll into a store on launch day, and come back out with a hot Wii in your hands? Check out the guide that Wiiloaded has up. Of course, if everyone reads this thing, then you'll be screwed. Cross your fingers and take some of their helpful advice like: find a 24 Wal-Mart to camp out in because it'll be warm, check out who is jumping on the midnight release bandwagon (Circuit City, Wal-Mart, probably more to come) and get there early, or visit a Sam's or Costco because they are frequently overlooked during console launches.

Also helpful is the Target Wii allocation list that was dropped online. It hasn't been verified, but if the info is true then it will help you choose which Target to, er ... target. Here's a helpful online doohickey that you can use to search and find out how many Wiis your Target will get. Apparently our local store is getting 220, when they got zero on Xbox 360 launch day. Plus the sheer size of the Target Wii areas and the amount of accessories they have been offering for more than a month before launch make us think they'll be getting quite a few.

With one million plus Wiis to be made available on launch day, and three million more available by Christmas, we don't think you'll have problems getting one. People are going to be divided between the Wii and the PS3, and that's going to hurt sales of both consoles while buyers try and decide what to get. Because Nintendo will have scads of Wiis in the stores, it'll make it that much easier to get one without resorting to eBay, Canada, or the black market. Only turn to those options if you're seeking a PlayStation3. Those are gonna be hard to come by.

[Thanks, Marko K. and Rob Templin]
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