Mitsubishi's people-sensing air conditioners

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Mitsubishi's people-sensing air conditioners
Mitsubishi's out to make your rooms cooler and slightly creepier with its new air conditioner units, packing an all-seeing infrared eye that'll adjust the temperature based on people's locations in the room. Seven models in the company's new ZW series will come equipped with the technology, which divides the room up into a number of sections to scan for humans, directing the air-flow appropriately and switching to economic mode to conserve power when it's left all by its lonesome. What's more, the AC can apparently even analyze a person's or family's seating habits over a couple of weeks which, for some of us, shouldn't be too hard to determine. No word on prices for any of the units yet, but they should start collecting aggregate data about your in-home lifestyle in Japan by mid December.

[Via Far East Gizmos]
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