Last Week in Warcraft: Oct 30th - Nov 5th

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|11.09.06

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Last Week in Warcraft: Oct 30th - Nov 5th

Monday, October 30th
How do you pick the perfect guild?
Hot Topic selling World of Warcraft gear? Yep!
A grey sunset on the coast of Darkshore.
Mike covers the many travails of traveling.

Tuesday, October 31st
Official forums maintenance today.
Do you really care about the lore?
A Tanaris snapshot.
Happy 2nd anniversary, World of Warcraft! Read up on the details of the anniversary contest.
Winners of the art contest have been announced.
Playing Warcraft for fun and fitness.
Someone in the media managed to get it right.
The temporary art of corpse graffiti.

Wednesday, November 1st
GuildWatch is desperately seeking healers.
What do you think of the World of Warcraft, two years in?
These capitol cities can be confusing...
The interesting prizes to be found from the TCG.
Looking north from Tirisfal.
More on cities and guild recruitment.
AddOn spotlight talks about LootLink.

Thursday, November 2nd
Some incredibly impressive costumes took top prize for this year's costume contest.
Clever and eye-catching title.
Wait... that makes no sense.
Meet The Beast.
So... what's the point of buying from vendors?
Pardon me, but do you speak Darnassian?
Fighting trash mobs is so Overrated.
Some new BC info (or typos!).

Friday, November 3rd

Look forward to a 36 hour downtime on many realms next week.
How would you improve your class?
The moon over the Wetlands.
Oceanic players -- you get a say in what kind of realm you might get next.
The Axe of Inappropriate Responses.
Yay! DKs to disappear in December's patch.
Phat Loot Phriday brings us the Hydrocane.

Saturday, November 4th

What do you think about GM-run events?
How many forum posters do you think it would take to change a light bulb?
Welcome to Karazhan.

Sunday, November 5th
Flying on the wings of the Darkmoon Faire.
Some BC beta changes for rogues: Shadowstep.
WoW blog roundup.
WoW Moviewatch: Hogger goes to Gurubashi.
Some BC beta changes for paladins: better tanking, worse DPS.

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