Volkswagen crafts electrophoretic bumper sticker, road rage imminent

Volkswagen is making absolutely sure that it doesn't fall behind the curve with regard to technology, as its Electronics Research Laboratory in Palo Alto, CA is hard at work on an electrophoretic bumper sticker. While this creation may not go far in producing more aerodynamic vehicles or burning less fuel, the novelty factor is high nonetheless. The company states that its sure-to-be-popular add-on is a "wafer-thin, highly flexible foil that can display text and images like a computer monitor," and envisions drivers of the future letting fellow roadsters "know how they're feeling as moods change." While we can't imagine the tell-tale sticker having much good to say while stuck in rush hour traffic (or just after being pulled over), it's just one more distraction to keep from paying attention to what matters most.

[Via CNET]