Music-Only iTunes Playlists

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Music-Only iTunes Playlists
43 Folders has some sweet Smart Playlist tips today. I personally know how annoying it is to put my iPod on shuffle play, just to get hit with some random book chapters off a ripped Book-on-CD. By setting up a playlist that avoids non-music genres, you create a "music only" playlist.

Suggested "avoid rules" include selecting genres that are not spoken word, comedy, audio books, ambient, meditation, podcast, sound effects, books & spoken and "naps".

In addition to the "music only" playlist, you'll find an example for a "new and unlistened-to" smart playlist (added in the last 7 days, with a 0 play count and skip count) and "my neglected lovers" (rating greater than 2 stars, last played more than 10 days ago).

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