Bad news: T-shirt makes your air guitar real guitar

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Bad news: T-shirt makes your air guitar real guitar
In the annual rankings of "inventions most likely to end civilization," there's going to be a new one in the standings this year, squeezing in right between nuclear weapons and reality television: the Wearable Instrument Shirt. Developed by the mad scientists over at the CSIRO's Textile and Fibre Technology in Geelong Australia, the t-shirt has textile motion sensors integrated into the shirt that track elbow movements. The upshot of this is that the shirt translates your legendary air guitar stylings into music (like that Project: Air Guitar we spotted a while back). The downside of this is that the music is epically crappy, and we were just kidding about "legendary stylings" anyways: you suck. So, with that in mind, please go ahead and check out the video of these nerds rocking out -- just don't come complaining to us of "eye bleeding" or "crushing depression" when you're done.

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