Last Week in Warcraft: Nov 6th - 12th

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|11.13.06

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Last Week in Warcraft: Nov 6th - 12th

Monday, November 6th

Breakfast Topic: do you have any clever ideas for new classes?
Do you think the Alliance is really more immature than the Horde?
The "Picard Maneuver" for rogues.
New battleground stats for the expansion.
Around Azeroth shows off the Shrine of the Fallen Warrior.
A preview of world PvP in Nagrand.
I'm not looking forward to grinding my way to 70 -- so I'm glad to hear Blizzard is planning on fine-tuning the leveling curve with more quest options.
The Overrated guild responds to their permaban.

Tuesday, November 7th
WoW Moviewatch shows off this PvP video courtesy of fine fellows at Something Awful.
Drysc presents us with more info about the Arena PvP in the expansion.
Finding a world drop epic -- and getting rid of it.
Breakfast Topic: voice chat. Love it, hate it, think it's a necessary evil?
Nerf fear?
Around Azeroth takes us to the creepy crypts below Karazhan.
Welcome to World of Warcraft Island! Like World of Warcraft only... not.
WoW Moviewatch and a song about Molten Core.
Some interesting statistics related to PvP rank.
How would you feel if your secret alts were brought to light?

Wednesday, November 8th

The lament of the raidleader.
GuildWatch: to the victor go the spoils.
Breakfast Topic: what items won't you be throwing away at level 70?
Some very impressive blacksmithing items from the expansion.
Please bear with us... I am sure Blizzard is trying to fix this!
WoW Moviewatch shows off the ultra-rare turtle mount.
Around Azeroth advises you never to drink and WoW.
Free transfers for players on select realms.

Thursday, November 9th
The onset of "expansion burnout."
A shaman before shamans were cool.
Breakfast Topic: Grandma loves her World of Warcraft.
The Burning Crusade's release date confirmed!
A couple of Burning Crusade skill updates.
Around Azeroth brings us a glance of the road to Darnassus.
Another song on WoW Moviewatch: That's the World of Warcraft That You Play.

Friday, November 10th
Breakfast Topic: not the most powerful class, or the best PvP class, but your favorite class.
Around Azeroth: a meeting with destiny.
Easter eggs to be found in the Burning Crusade.
WoW Moviewatch presents a 5-player UBRS run.
WoW blog roundup.
This week's Phat Loot Phriday brings us the Smolderweb Hatchling.

Saturday, November 11th

Breakfast Topic: what do you think is the most over-used guild name?
You don't think mechanostriders can fly?
Around Azeroth: ninja alert!
A casual player returns -- and will we see more of this with the expansion release?

Sunday, November 12th
Breakfast Topic: killing time before the expansion.
Want to learn to fly?
Around Azeroth visits the top of Dreadmist Peak.
Are login queues rearing their ugly head once again?

Last week's Last Week in Warcraft.
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