The info you need from the Wii manual

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The info you need from the Wii manual
When we were going over the manual looking for tips on transferring save data, we found several other key items that looked to be of great importance to those dying to get their hands on the Wii and the moderately interested. In super-smooth, bullet point form, we've broken them down for your convenience and stashed them past the break. It's kind of a long list ...

  • "Up to 100 Miis can stay in your Mii Plaza." (pg. 11)
  • "The Photo Channel can display a maximum of approximately 1,000 photos. If your SD card has more than 1,000 photos, remove the card from the Wii console and remove or reorganize your photos in your camera, cell phone or computer." (pg. 15)
  • "You can not save or overwrite photos or videos on the SD card." (pg. 20)
  • "Any of the options in Fun! mode [doodles, etc. -Ed.] can be applied to individual frames of a video." (pg. 21)
  • The photo channel supports JPGs of up to 8192x8192 resolution and QuickTime files of up to 848x480. (pg. 22)
  • MP3 audio is listed under supported formats. After quite a bit of searching, we figured out how this feature works, but we didn't like what we found (more later.)
  • "NOTE: Your use of the Wii Shop Channel is subject to your acceptance of the Wii Users Agreement, the Wii Privacy Policy and the Wii Code of Conduct. Copies of the most updated versions of these agreements may be found at [not yet - Ed.]" (pg. 24)
  • "NOTE: Some Virtual Console games can only be played with a Classic Controller. (sold separately) [this seems to contradict previous confirmation that Gamecube controllers would work on all Virtual Console games -Ed.]" (pg. 25)
  • "Software downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel is licensed to you, not sold" (pg. 25)
  • "NOTE: The calendar displays dates from January 2000 to December 2035." (pg. 31)
  • "NOTE: You will not be able to send photos from your Wii console to the PC/cell phone user." (pg. 36)
  • "NOTE: The Wii console uses a 24 hour clock. For example, 1:00 pm is displayed as 13:00 pm" (pg. 42)
  • The parental control features "does NOT control access to Nintendo GameCube games" (pg. 46)
  • "If you use the messaging features of the Wii console, you need to understand that Nintendo may monitor your use and share certain information (i) as required by law, (ii) where necessary to protect the company, its customers or its employees, (iii) as necessary to provide the services. [Big Brother is watching -Ed.]" (pg. 47)
  • "NOTE: The initial recommended distance for using the Wii Remote Pointer is 3 to 8 feet from the sensor bar ... Also note that the influence of direct sunlight and various light sources can make the Pointer operation less optimal. [Oh really... -Ed.]" (pg. 50)
  • By formatting the Wii Shop Channel from the Wii's system menu, you clear all "records of your transactions and rights to download software." (pg. 61)
  • "NOTE: You should format your Wii Shop Channel data first, then your Wii System Memory, prior to selling or otherwise transferring your Wii console to any third party." (pg. 61)
  • "NOTE: Adjusting the speaker and Rumble settings will affect all Wii remotes currently connected to the Wii console. [I hope everyone likes the same settings. -Ed.]" (pg. 63)
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