D2E's IGURO robot receptionist

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Donald Melanson
November 15th, 2006
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D2E's IGURO robot receptionist
South Korea's D2E looks to be moving up in the world of robotics, going from pint-sized programmable bots to life-size robots of the human-replacing variety. If it has its way, D2E's IGURO bot could soon be sitting at a reception desk near you, guiding you on your way to your destination and totally freaking out small children (and adults who know better) in the process. While it apparently lacks the ability to walk, it can move its arms and boasts voice and visual recognition, so it can get to know the regulars. Additional tasks can also be initiated using a nearby controller or managed from a remote location. Alas, it seems not everything has advanced as far as IGURO's interpersonal abilities, as it's still stuck wearing a goofy-looking headset like the rest of us.
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