DS fanboy admits that PSP has a better holiday lineup

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Andrew Yoon
November 15th, 2006
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DS fanboy admits that PSP has a better holiday lineup

I'm loving every single moment of Elite Beat Agents on DS, but once Final Fantasy III and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin come out, what else will DS owners have to look forward to this holiday season? Not much, according to the self-proclaimed DS fanboy at BC Gaming. "Both systems have major releases for this holiday, but the PSP has a quantity this time around ... You see, I am not a fan of hardware, but of software. Furthermore, it is crystal clear that Sony has brought a royal flush to the table, while Nintendo is left holding only a high pair."

Ken Edwards points to games like Killzone, GTA, SOCOM, Lumines, E3, Gitaroo Man, Sonic and Metal Gear Solid as reasons why the PSP's holiday lineup is so much better this year. Regardless, he admits that this won't help Sony in the end: "Unfortunately, this is not going to mean a lot for Sony, as the install base of PSP systems is nowhere near that of the DS - quite sad, yet very true."
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