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Star Wars HD for Sky on New Years Day

Star Wars HD for Sky on New Years Day
Erik Hanson
Erik Hanson|November 15, 2006 1:55 PM
Star Wars in high definitionGreat news for our "other-than-American" customers who turned tridactyl green with envy at the news that Cinemax would be showing Star Wars in high definition. Sky has announced they'll be showing all of the sextology -- say that in mixed company! -- not once but two times on New Years Day on Sky HD, and in standard def as well. The first run will be in plotline order (I - VI) starting at 6am, with the theatrical release schedule (IV V VI I II III) starting after lunch. So grab your Stormtrooper costume, your Yoda slippers, and sit down in front of the telly for an entire day of HD goodness! And let the people without HD satellite be jealous of you for once.
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