A lesson in preventing Wii shoulder pain

Nikki Inderlied
N. Inderlied|11.17.06

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A lesson in preventing Wii shoulder pain

When you're jammin' on Super Monkey Ball or plain kickin' ass in Excite Truck, don't be surprised when your muscles get angry. There are a few definite do's and don'ts when playing the Wii and Destructoid has broken them down for you:


  • Extend your arms outwards unless absolutely necessary
  • Let your elbows and shoulders do all the work
  • Stand (unless you hate being at the edge of the sofa)
  • Allow little chilluns form a line near you for their turn


  • Try to handle the Wiimote with arms relaxed at your sides
  • Be patient with it -- there is definitely a learning curve!
  • Attempt to perform the majority of the actions with your wrist
  • Sit on nearby little chilluns if no sofa is available

They also instruct gamers to hold the Wiimote like a microphone to get better results out of your movements. Obviously some of these do's and don'ts won't literally be exercised, though we're told that the power of written word can be very persuasive.

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