Double trouble -- two new Fullmetal Alchemist videos [Update 1]

Nikki Inderlied
N. Inderlied|11.18.06

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Double trouble -- two new Fullmetal Alchemist videos [Update 1]

As wanna-be alchemists, we have yet to grasp the idea of turning random objects into ass kicking devices. Trust us, we have tried and failed several times. Something about making a ten ton bowling ball of destruction come out of thin air is very appealing.

The two new videos for Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy are an introduction of sorts for lead star Edward and his masculine friend, the appropriately named, Alex Armstrong. One thing we do know is don't test Edward's temper with whirling tornadoes of fire. He really doesn't take it too well.

See the videos after the break!

[Update: Fixed the link and general computard mistakes.]

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