Last Week in Warcraft: Nov 13th - 19th

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|11.20.06

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Last Week in Warcraft: Nov 13th - 19th

Monday, November 13th

Breakfast Topic: Your talent points.
Around Azeroth attempts a show-down race with a Devilsaur.
WoW Insider is LFM -- think you're qualified? Read on! We're taking applications through today.
Around Azeroth asks you to caption this!
Beware of extended server downtime this week.
The only thing we have to fear is... spiders?
Why most of Azeroth is a no flying zone.

Tuesday, November 14th
Some realms are skipping this week's maintenance cycle.
Blizzard reveals the Burning Crusade battleground Eye of the Storm.
Breakfast Topic: How much do you tip?
The public test realms are now online with patch 2.0.1!
WoW Moviewatch shows us Lord Kazzak rampaging through Stormwind City.
Around Azeroth brings us a great shot of a quest event in Winterspring.
Today's forum post of the day wonders whether, with all the improvements planned for the expansion, a revamp of the guild interface is among them.
The lameness of World of Warcraft.
Mike walks us through the World of Prankcraft.

Wednesday, November 15th
Socialtext has announced a December 1st press conference in World of Warcraft. (Though I think everyone's still wondering if it's for real!)
This week's GuildWatch gives us another dose of drama, downings, and recruitment across the realms.
Today's Breakfast Topic asks about your favorite and least favorite zones.
Around Azeroth shows us a pair of ninja in their natural habitat.
Bans coming in for Linux players.
Forum post of the day brings us a discussion of Druid tanks from a healing perspective.
Wired Magazine takes a look at the typical MMORPG forum.
Three new realms opened today -- one of them an Oceanic transfer realm.

Thursday, November 16th
Changes that didn't make it into the 2.0.1 patch notes.
Some bans have been dropped, but there are still plenty of players still crying foul over unfair bans.
You've got to wonder if this mainstream journalist writing about WoW is clueless, or simply trying to be funny...
Breakfast Topic asks whether you're worried about your class.
Consumables usable in druid forms? Well, maybe not.
Around Azeroth brings us the ruined monuments of Ashenvale.
South Park's animation staff talks about "Make Love Not Warcraft."
Today's forum post of the day wonders whether cheap respecs make the game more fun.

Friday, November 17th
Today's Breakfast Topic talks about how to farm gold -- and no, it doesn't involve bots.
A look at the latest changes to the Burning Crusade beta client.
The makers of WoW Glider bot software are suing Blizzard.
Around Azeroth has discovered where the Third Fleet of Kul Tiras landed.
WoW Moviewatch presents an all rogue UBRS run. (Evasion tank ftw!)
Today's forum post of the day covers the ABC's of raiding.
Do the new realms seem kind of empty to you?

Saturday, November 18th

All aboard the BC beta nerf train!
Phat Loot Phriday profiles alliance quest reward the Sword of Serenity.
Today's Breakfast Topic asks whether you think it's the end of the world (of Warcraft).
Around Azeroth brings us to the abyssal sands at night.
The forum post of the day wonders whether twinks ruin low-level battlegrounds.

Sunday, November 19th

Breakfast Topic: The worst thing about being a...
Around Azeroth brings us a creepy image of Hallow's End.
WoW Moviewatch gives a demonstration of what you can do with 40 druids.
Today's forum post of the day ponders where the flavor is in the current race options.

Last week's Last Week in Warcraft.
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