Wii being hit by fatal error "110213" -- could be funky firmware

While so far Sony's PS3 launch seems to have gone off relatively error-free (we're talking hardware here, crime still doesn't pay, kids), Microsoft's 360 was notoriously plagued by errors at launch, and it doesn't look like the Wii is going to escape unscathed either. Reports have been coming in on the official Nintendo forums that after the initial firmware/software update that is downloaded during your first attempt to use WiiConnect24, some users are experiencing a "110213" error code, which bars them from using WiiConnect24 completely. Some people are conjecturing that the update is frying a necessary component to connect to the service, possibly being caused by corrupt downloads due to the incredible demand on the update servers currently. Whatever the cause, Nintendo phone support is apparently calling this a "fatal error," and replacing the units for free, including pre-paid shipping labels to make the process as smooth as can be -- of course, "smooth as can be" is little solace to launch day junkies who are halfway through Zelda already and will have to start over on a fresh box.

[Thanks, Christian]