Fujitsu launches Stylistic ST5100 Tablet PC lineup

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Paul Miller
November 21st, 2006
Fujitsu launches Stylistic ST5100 Tablet PC lineup
While the specs on this current generation of Tablet PCs all start to bleed together after a while -- you know, Core Duo ULV processors, XGA screens, etc. -- the style war isn't over by a long shot, and we're definitely digging this "Stylistic" look from Fujitsu. The new Stylistic ST5111 and ST5112 Tablet PCs sport U2500 procs, 4GB max RAM, 100GB SATA HDD and Intel 950 integrated graphics. Connectivity aplenty is available, including WiFi, gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, Firewire and a PCMCIA slot. Fujitsu is matching Lenovo and Apple's shock sensing tech for hard drive protection, and there's security snazziness galore, making these a decent bet for the business set. The main difference between the two models is the 10.4-inch screen on the ST5111, while the ST5112 gets a whole 12.1-inches of real estate, yet each laptop still manages the same 3.5 pounds of weight and 6 hours of battery life -- with an option for a 9-cell battery with 9 hours of juice. It all sounds pretty snazzy, until you peep the pricetags: the ST5111 "base configuration" will cost you a cool $2,429, while the ST5112 only bleeds you for $2,199. Both should be available now.

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