Advert pseudo-games [update 1]

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Advert pseudo-games [update 1]
More and more companies are producing interactive full-motion video websites to promote their products. What's impressive is the production values going into these websites. Corporations are catching on that paying Kyle in accountings nephew to put together a decent website isn't cutting it anymore ... and hasn't for a good while. Depending on what tickles your fancy, we have the objectification of women in a TAG body spray website, and the objectification of men in a Reversa Skin Cream website. A little bit more time these could have turned into actual games, but the playful sexual nature of the sites make us not care. It would be nice to see gaming companies put as much effort and innovation into making a cool website to market games as these beauty product companies put into marketing their wares.

(Update 1: Both objectification links led to same site, mean old intertubes are against us)
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