Yoshi's Island ad, now with more tongue

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|11.24.06

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Yoshi's Island ad, now with more tongue
We've been all abuzz when it comes to Nintendo's ads lately, but this new commercial for Yoshi's Island DS falls a little flat. Sure, it's cute, and it communicates the game well. Of course, we love the tongue, and the addition of the pink DS Lite is nice -- since pink is typically associated with girls (and, of course, real men who aren't afraid to wear it), there's a subtle messages that this game is girl-approved. Since we suggested it in lieu of a few others recently, we're all sorts of down with that impression. But all is not rainbows and coin-filled bricks in Nintendo land, despite the new ad's positive qualities.

Here's our beef: when it comes to the US market for this title, where are the ads like this one? When the two are watched side by side, is it any wonder that Americans seem more likely to push the DS aside as a kiddy system? Today's ad seems aimed at a younger audience, while the UK ad is more polished and adult -- and includes the same game (though others as well). It's hard to move beyond a stereotype and pick up a new audience when you promote the very image for which you're already famous. Gamers know that where there is Yoshi, there is typically goodness, so there's no need to sell to us ... but what about everyone else? Where's our saucy blonde to prove that happy-funtime-Yoshi action is good for everyone?

Sure, there have been (and will be) plenty of DS ads that don't seem quite so kid-centric. But these are in the same pre-holiday advertising window, so we thought it might be interesting to compare them -- particularly since the same game is in each. Which do you think is most effective? Will today's ad manage to sell the game to a new audience, or do you think an ad aimed at a different market would be better? Do you think the American ad is actually as effective or moreso than the UK DS spot? Tell us what you think!

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