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Leica announces update plan for buggy M8 digicams

Leica announces update plan for buggy M8 digicams
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|November 25, 2006 3:03 PM

For Leica enthusiasts and digicam freaks alike, we're sure the day that uber-expensive M8 landed on your doorstep was one of pure elation -- or maybe not so much, depending on your luck. Turns out the nearly $6,000 piece of kit wasn't as refined and ready to shoot as the lofty pricetag may lead you to believe, but Lieca is apparently aiming to please those deep pocketed customers by offering up some quick fixes and a few bonus filters to boot. Folks suffering from "banding issues, mirror / ghosting effects, and IR sensitivity quirks" can register on the company's website by December 6th in order to have Leica contact you to set up a return. Unfortunately, this means your finicky M8 will be out of your palms for a few days (or weeks), but at least it'll come back with a "firmware upgrade" to eliminate the banding / ghosting problems, as well as "a basic kit of two UV / IR filters with diameters of your choice" to counteract the "faulty color rendering." While we aren't sure how long the gurus in Solms will hold your precious M8 captive, we do know the additional filters won't ship until February of next year, and if you're worried about picking up a buggy M8 as of now, Leica has assured us that all units shipping after November 27th will sport the internal upgrades right out of the box.

[Thanks, Derek M.]

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