Bubble Bobble getting second chance on DS

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Bubble Bobble getting second chance on DS
DS-x2 has received word that Rising Star Games is developing a new Bubble Bobble game for the DS. Publishing duties are being handled by Taito and, given the last disaster that was Bubble Bobble Revolution on the DS, this installment better deliver.

It's no wonder that in this latest game, titled Bubble Bobble Double Shot, the focus is to re-create the appeal of the original titles through enhanced graphics and the same grassroots approach of simple gameplay. One new addition to the gameplay, however, has players needing to switch between characters on the fly as enemies are now color-coded and, as such, only weak to certain characters. As for multiplayer, only local wireless has been reported, so cross your fingers if you want to see some Wi-Fi Connect-enabled gameplay here.
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