Developer: U.S. Army didn't want vulnerabilities in game

Zack Stern
Z. Stern|11.28.06

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Developer: U.S. Army didn't want vulnerabilities in game
Wired News reports on a new U.S. Army recruitment tool: the PC game Future Force Company Commander. F2C2, in the style of America's Army, is available for free download at developer Zombie or a military page.

The story quotes people critical of the game as an unrealistic portrayal of U.S. might. F2C2 showcases weapons and vehicles currently under development; this future firepower pummels in-game opponents in one-sided fights. Enemies also don't learn from your actions -- Zombie was apparently asked to leave this sort of realism out of the title.

Games are frequently one-sided; we don't play Halo for accuracy. Commercials are one-sided; advertisers show products in ideal conditions. F2C2 is an advertisement and game about the U.S. Army. Should we expect an even viewpoint? Or does the tax-funded nature of the game -- and other military ads -- make it more accountable to scrutiny?
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