First impressions of Far Cry Vengeance

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First impressions of Far Cry Vengeance
IGN has gotten their grubby little mitts on a final build of Far Cry Vengeance, which is due to release on December 5th, at Ubisoft's San Franciscan offices and they seem to have thoroughly enjoyed what they played. The game, more or less, is an expansion to the expansion that was Far Cry Instincts: Predator, including a new adventure, 3 new maps and weapons, plus characters.

What IGN was most suspicious about, and in the end most impressed with, is the control setup. They wondered if the game would play well, having taken part in some forgettable gameplay segments in the console's other FPS offerings of Call of Duty 3 and Red Steel. They also tell of how pressing the A button will steady the screen, allowing the player to aim within the confines of the immediate screen and not worry about turning the Jack's head, which they admit is a small change, however it impacts the gameplay in a big way.

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