Killzone is back, ready to redeem itself... with money!

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|11.28.06

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Killzone is back, ready to redeem itself... with money!
There has been a lot of controversy regarding whether or not the original Killzone was all that great. Some say it was awesome, some say it was awful, still others say it was pretty good, but the hype detracted from the good game it would have been. If you expect something amazing and get something "just good", relatively, it's a bad game. But it's not. Make sense? Let's get on with the news, then.

The PS3 Killzone had dropped out of sight ever since making an appearance at E3 2005. An article over at the Dutch newspaper "de Volksrant" was titled "A video game more expensive than the most expensive film," and lo and behold they were speaking of Killzone for the PS3. It's worth noting that the title was comparing costs to Dutch films, not worldwide films. But that means Killzone is costing more than $21 million. In addition to this news, the game will have downloadable content, adding a more episodic feel. So now we know -- Killzone isn't dead. Just really expensive.
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