Kenwood's Media Keg HD10GB7: world's smallest disk-based DAP

Kenwood's been churning out DAPs with high quality audio for awhile now. Some with disks, some with flash, but all with superior sound quality to the usual wares. Now they've taken the whole kit and shrunk it down into this, the world's smallest disk-based DAP. Sporting a 10GB (presumably 1-inch) disk drive, the new Media Keg HD10GB7 brings that same "clear digital amplifier" and sound processing found in their flagship player. The screen has been reduced to a mere 1.5-inches which if fine by us -- not like the Media Kegs' support video anyway. Fortunately, the battery doesn't suffer from miniaturization as it's capable of pumping MP3s for a full 24-hours; after which a 3-hour recharge from USB will top things off. The Napster to Go supporting HD10GB7 measures in at 78-grams / 62×44×17-millimeters so it'll go just about anywhere, especially Japan where these will hit first come December for about ¥40,000 or about $345.

[Via Impress]