Reborg-Q to keep Japanese mall shoppers safe this December

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|11.29.06

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Reborg-Q to keep Japanese mall shoppers safe this December
By the middle of December, expect to spot a new type of robo-cop at the AquaCity shopping mall in the Odaiba neighborhood of Tokyo. That's what Sohgo Security Services told a crowd on Monday when it debuted the Reborg-Q, its new security bot, which has four video cameras and will alert its human masters when it detects the the presence of unauthorized persons, water leaks, or fire. But don't think that this is just a cold stack of metal, as the Reborg-Q has a chest-mounted touch-screen that can display information about missing children, the time, and weather, just like a real police officer or security guard. Each bot will cost its human security outfit ¥380,000 ($3,200), and Sohgo's already contracted to deploy 10 robots around Japan next year. Although it's programmed to protect and serve, we're pretty sure that when partnered with the webslinging cop, Land Walker, iRobot and the Intelligent Surveillance and Guard Robot, that fearsome fivesome might possibly assemble Voltron, or at very least become the Justice League of bot servants.

[Via Pink Tentacle]
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