CNET's James Kim and family missing -- have you seen them?

We've received word that a respected member of our tech community, James Kim (whom many of you may know as CNET's senior editor of digital audio), and his family have gone missing. As we understand it, last weekend James, his wife Kati (above right), and his very young girls Penelope (left) and Sabine (baby), drove from their home in the SF Bay Area to Seattle. They were expected back some time Sunday, but were last seen by a hotel clerk at 5:45 PM on Saturday in or between Gold Beach or Portland, Oregon. We sincerely do hope they are all safe, and our hearts go out to the Kim family.

We'll have more information as we get it. If you have any information as to the Kim family's whereabouts, please contact the SFPD at 415-558-5508 during normal business hours, and 415-553-1071 after hours.

Update: Crave reports that James and his family are driving a 2005 silver Saab station wagon with license plate "DOESF." The official missing person report can be found here.

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Update 2: According to Crave, officials investigating the case have narrowed their search to a stretch of Oregon's Highway 38, which is on the route that the family would most likely have taken to get to the Gold Beach motel where they had reservations.

Update 3: We've added a YouTube reel of recent James Kim footage to help identify him for those unfamiliar; we've also learned that state and federal officials have begun combing not only Highway 38 but the I-5 Interstate as well. Salem, Oregon officials have also set up a hotline if you have any information: 1-800-452-7888.

Update 4: According to the SF Gate, an aerial search is now fully underway; the National Guard, the California Highway Patrol, the Coast Guard, the Oregon State Police and Douglas County Sheriff's Department are focusing their search on Gold Beach and Bear Camp Road in Douglas County.

Update 5: Still no real news, but the Registar-Guard of Eugene, Oregon published an AP piece stating that authorities have determined the Kims have not used their cellphones or credit cards since the 25th -- last Saturday.

Update 6: Sightings and a credit card receipt have apparently last placed the Kim family at a Denny's in Roseburn, Oregon, north of current search efforts. The search is continuing further north into Oregon, and away from Hightway 42 and onto Highway 38. For fliers, info, and other ways to get involved, please also see