Cake Mania looks good enough to eat

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|12.01.06

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Cake Mania looks good enough to eat
Luscious new shots from the flash-to-DS game Cake Mania have surfaced, along with further details on the port. Looks like the game might sell for as low as $19.99 -- and that makes this exciting. Sure, it's available all across the web, but for a bargain price on the DS, you can take it with you. So what's all this Cake Mania about, anyway? In this baking sim, young chef Jill has to -- gasp! -- bake her way to success in order to save the family business. You can even take the baking show on the road in other locations, like Hawaii, or even a casino. Who doesn't enjoy a sugar high while hitting the slots? The port features 80 bakealicious levels -- the full original game, plus the Back to the Bakery expansion.

We like this idea of flash games working over to the DS -- especially at twenty bucks a go. Anything you've got a craving for?

Screens after the jump from Worth Playing, complete with slight watermarking.

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