Nintendo Wii launches in Japan

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According to our row of clocks in the Engadget situation room here at Engadget HQ, it's now past 9:00AM, December 2nd in Japan, which means the Wii has been out and about in its home country for around two hours by now. We just got some pics from a friendly tipster at the Yodobashi camera store in Shinkjuku, Japan, where the line stretched several blocks and the console quickly sold out. Apparently the scene was very calm, with most people picking up an extra Wiimote along with 2-3 games, before heading on their merry way home to partake in unboxing rituals and a weekend of Zelda fun. There are purportedly 400,000 consoles available at launch in Japan, and at this point we're guessing just about every one of 'em is either sold or spoken for. Happy Wii-ing Japan! Keep reading for some more pics of Japanese launch "mayhem."

[Thanks, Eric "Fumanku" Ku]

Everything's so... clean! What's wrong with these people?

Nothing to see here, move along.

More intense cleanliness.

Shortly after this picture was taken, zero riots broke out, followed by a complete absence of drive-by shootings.

More rabid Nintendo fans, holding in the emotion. Don't worry, we're sure they'll all break their fair share of Wiimote straps.

The end of the line. We're pretty sure that sign says "Sold out," but it could very well say something like "Sucker! All these Wiis and you couldn't get your lazy-azz out of bed in time to hook one up?" It could really go either way.
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