New Armored Core 4 trailer elicits "HardCore" fun

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|12.04.06

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New Armored Core 4 trailer elicits "HardCore" fun
Not sure how the "HardCore" was supposed to work. Some sort of Armored HardCore 4 joke, but it's one of those "this makes sense if you're on the same wavelength" jokes. Anyway. As of December 1st, IGN posted a new Armored Core 4 trailer and let us tell you: it looks hot and sexy, just as sleek metallic robots should. Now, they edited out the menu screen-clogging stuff from the actual gameplay footage, but you can tell when it's gameplay because you're staring at the back of a beautiful 'bot. That aside, awesome. If this were a movie, you bet it'd beat up the new Transformers movie left and right -- but not the classic 80's animated film of Transformers. That was the best movie ever, at least in the Transformers universe. Anywho, check out the trailer at IGN and leave your thoughts here.

It's also of note to say that the game was delayed a week, from 12/14 to 12/21. Oh well.
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