Deadwood star replaces Vin Diesel in Hitman movie

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Deadwood star replaces Vin Diesel in Hitman movie
Olyphant in HBO's DeadwoodNo, not Swearengen! Vin Diesel has been replaced by Deadwood's Timothy Olyphant as star of the upcoming Hitman movie, reports Ain't It Cool News. Bullock as Agent 47? Perhaps Olyphant's range as an actor will lend itself to the role of a brooding sociopath -- more so than what "The Pacifier" could bring to the big screen.

Whatever the outcome, Skip Woods has completed his script, and the Hitman project has received the greenlight, with Luc Besson (Transporter 2) recently climbing aboard as co-producer. Hitman could be in theatres as early as next fall. We ain't holding our breath.
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