More e-books coming to the DS and PSP

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More e-books coming to the DS and PSP
Darren Reid, fantasy author who will be bringing his books to a DS near you, is now going to receive some company from Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson, who are responsible for the Fighting Fantasy series of books. In announcing the series heading to the DS and PSP, Ian sees the series of books' interactive nature perfectly suited for both handhelds.

"Fighting Fantasy built up a huge, worldwide fan base over the years. We believe that players will really enjoy the adventures in a new way on DS and PSP. Fighting Fantasy's interactive structure is ideal for bite-sized chunks of gameplay which is important for these devices"

We must admit, we've never read a single book in the series. How many of you have read these books? Enjoyed them or hated them? Think this is a good move in bringing them to the handhelds?

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