Sony and Nissan collaborate to keep the GT5 engine turning

Jonti Davies
J. Davies|12.06.06

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Sony and Nissan collaborate to keep the GT5 engine turning

This blogger has fond memories of Nissan, his parents having driven one of that illustrious Japanese company's cars back when it went, in foreign climes, by the infinitely cooler name of Datsun. Today, Nissan is mostly known for its powerful Skyline sports motor (which is sold in the States under the infinitely sillier name of Infiniti G35). As there's a new model of Skyline in production at Nissan -- and what with Sony's dramatic Gran Turismo HD rethink -- there's no time like the present for the two companies to announce a big love-in. Or, more appositely, a "collaboration."

We're not sure of the details of the "collaboration," but it's given Sony cause to post a two-minute video clip on the Japanese PlayStation Store this lunchtime. We downloaded it to our PS3 and reminisced about childhood journeys to the zoo and, thanks to Sony's Japanese website, you can do the same even if you don't have a PS3 (but you do need one-time Datsun-owning parents). Click for the HD flick, or peep the embedded version below.

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