Moore claims 360 will surpass 10 million milestone

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|12.06.06

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Moore claims 360 will surpass 10 million milestone
It seems that a new numeric obsession is gripping Microsoft executives across the world: 10 million. Considered a lofty target before the system launched and reiterated just yesterday, Microsoft has always stood by their belief that the first manufacturer to dash past the "10 million sold" finish line will be crowned the winner of ye grande console race. Speaking to Bloomberg, Peter Moore goes a step further and confidently claims that the 360 will not only meet, but surpass the 10 million mark before the year keels over. When asked if the 360 would exceed the hallowed milestone, the vice president confidently replies, "Yes. All indications are that we came off a very strong Thanksgiving holiday.''

He goes on to point out that "They [sic] key is we're in stock, we're available, we're delivering well to retail." Certainly a valid observation (and one shared by certain analysts), but one that depends less on the 360's individual appeal and more on the fact that the competition didn't pitch in full force. The monthly NPD numbers are expected to arrive tomorrow, upon which we'll have a better idea as to how much further (farther, if you want to stick with the racing metaphor) Microsoft needs to go before the month concludes.

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