Are PVP weapons and armor too cheap?

Elizabeth Wachowski
E. Wachowski|12.11.06

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Are PVP weapons and armor too cheap?

That's the question of the week on the World of Warcraft forums, where many former Grand Marshals and High Warlords are lamenting their lost time and suggesting that Blizzard double or triple the cost of GM/HWL weapons. Several former PVPers have posted arguments that basically amount to feeling that since they put in the admittedly arduous amount of effort to get top rank, they feel slighted by seeing people running around in all blues and Rank 14 weapons.

Melodii of Stormreaver posts not one, but two tales of woe: one of her rise to rank 14, and one of her arguments against cheap weapons. Melodii's story is somewhat heartwrenching, since she admits that she pvped through illness, neglected her friends, didn't work and quit school for six months to get Grand Marshal. Her opinion of herself as an "acheiver who didn't quit" was not shared by the seven pages of people making fun of her.

So are weapons and armor too cheap? In my opinion, the cheap weapons and armor are fully justified. While I understand it can be painful to see the stuff you worked so hard for seemingly made available to the common man, the truth is that Blizzard's PvP system was completely broken. Melodii's story, rather than an impassioned defense of the former PvP system, looks more like an argument against it -- who wants to do nothing with their lives so they can get epics in WoW? Continuing with a life-disabling PvP system just so those who've gone before don't feel slighted is like sending people into a sinkhole to retrieve someone's wallet, and when those people don' t come out, sending more in so the dead people wouldn't have died in vain. The former Grand Marshals and High Warlords have their titles, and they had the weapons and armor long before they were available to the common player.

Plus, as Drysc notes, the PvP gear will be worth much, much less come the expansion. All this will do is give people more of an equal footing when we're all standing at the Dark Portal together. And as someone who hasn't raided in two months, the idea that I can work a little each day to get something to help me level is a very, very sweet idea indeed.

What do you think? Should they raise item honor costs, or are you just too close to that Grand Marshal mace to let that happen?

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